24 GHz Radar Module

2.1   AW-FMCW-EV-241


The AW-FMCW-EV-241 is a highly integrated 24GHz radar sensor evaluation board. It can be used for motion detection/tracking, obstacle detection, etc.


• Motion detection/Obstacle detection
• 1 TX and 2 RX
• Embedded algorithm, can be used directly on power
• Raw data supports real-time visual output and can also be stored

Process Parameters

name value
Size 40mm * 30mm * 5mm
Frequency 24 ~ 24.25GHz
TX Power 8dBm
Voltage 5V
Azimuth and Elevation Angle AZ:±76°  EA:±20°
Max Range 25m
Range Resolution 0.6m
Output Interface USB
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 105℃
Sense Mode Doppler,FMCW
Application Scene Driving Assistance, Intelligent Furniture, Hotel, Warehouse Security